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My Approach

In the section of "Why are PPD's Important", I said that I am passionate about being a doula in this specific area due to the lack of importance postpartum care is in America. I believe we can change the outlook of postpartum care here in mom at a time. 

I became a doula to not only care for the mom and baby, but for her family, children, and her home! I look forward to meeting new families and working not for them but with them. Right after high school I became a nanny and stayed in the nanny field for 10+ years because I fell in love with what I did. As I got older and had children of my own I started doing research for myself and ended up delivering my last baby with an amazing doula. This inspired me to do more research and to reach out to other doulas in my community on how I could become a doula myself. 

Since I had been a nanny for quite some time I felt Postpartum work would suit me and my personality best! I remember in 2020 the family I was nannying for ended up having another baby and I actually ended up doulaling the mother through that process and it was beautiful. That was my true "ah ha" moment that lead me here today!

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