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What is a
Postpartum Doula?

A Postpartum doula (PPD) is someone who meets you were you are in the time after given birth. I call this the "now what?" time period. This can and might look different for every family; but it is also the time to focus on baby-bliss and rest. Rest is a huge part of mom's recovery, and I know, it can be hard to sit still and rest. As mothers, we want to get up and go. I would help mom put full attention on the baby and her recovery by assisting with the baby as needed. I come to you in your home and provide the support you need and meet you right where you are at. PPDs usually prepare meals, do light house cleaning, light laundry, dishes, baby feeding, baby wearing, and help mother with her after birth care. PPDs also make sure the mom is resting, being fed and well taken care of. As a PPD we also help the other parent as well. You are not forgotten. You matter too, just as much!

Although Postpartum doulas do so much and want to help to the best of our abilities we are NOT:

-Medical workers



-House keepers



-Errand runners

-Pet sitters

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