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Over night services are pretty simple. YOU NEED SLEEP! There is no guilt in getting rest. Remember rest is key to a healthy recovery. I would be lying if I told you I could pull 5 all nighters. Kudos to you if you can! So for my overnight services I offer 1-2 nights back to back or 3 nights a week spaced out Monday through Friday being no longer than 8 hours per night. 


Monday & Wednesday

9:00 PM-3:00 AM

During this time I would love to have the parents sound asleep within 30 minutes of me getting there (no sleep time to be wasted). I would read quietly, fold laundry, hold baby, feed baby, or bring baby to mom for feedings. I will NOT be sleeping during these hours so you can sleep peacefully knowing your sweet baby is being fully taken care of. 

**Sleeping arrangements may need to be shifted durning this time if babys room is upstairs and parents are on main floor, due to me not carrying your baby up/down the stairs.**

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